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Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is the primary product applied by SEAL Sprayed Solutions Ltd. It is a combination of a two part manufacturing process carried out using state of the art proportioning units housed in mobile plants.



We offer EpoxyTec epoxy products and systems to repair, coat and line waste water pipes, tanks, industrial floors and water infrastructure. We use ANSI NSF-61 approved epoxy coatings for potable drinking water, and other sewer-grade lining systems; and HACCP certified epoxy coatings for manufacturing


Liquid Rubber

Liquid Rubber is a Do It Yourself, environmentally friendly waterproofing product which can be applied with no special protective equipment. Liquid Rubber is recommended mainly for patch jobs and for spray grade jobs where substructure damp proof membrane is required.



Our Silicone coating is a breathable membrane which immediately stops leaks. It is highly reflective, providing UV- Ray resistance, instant cooling and energy efficiency, ultimately giving you some savings in energy costs.


Fix Your Roof Before It Starts Raining

Our innovative technology has benefited many in commercial and domestic sectors for sound insulation,
air conditioning ducting and decorative purposes.

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Innovation Award Winner

Seal Sprayed Solutions Limited is a private, limited liability corporation involved in the water-proofing and insulation of buildings, various structures, and equipment. Seal Sprayed Solutions was formed in December of 2002 and went into full operation by January of 2003, with one mobile plant and five full-time employees.

By April 2005, the company had expanded to three mobile plants, 18 full-time employees and several temporary staff, including preparation crews and warranty crews. To date, we have applied Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) to over 4,000,000 square feet of surfaces across the Caribbean.

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